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We work to provide supportive services so that more Nevadans
can have a place to call home.


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About Us

Who We Are

The Emergency Eviction Prevention Program of Nevada (EEPPN) is a group of expert advisors providing supportive services to tenants and landlords in Nevada.

This strategically created program acts as an interceptor for those who are experiencing a breakdown that could result in homelessness.

The Process

Submit an Application

If you are at risk of eviction and facing homelessness, fill our our online application to see if we can help.

Consult with EEPPN Advisors

  • A team of expert advisors will examine your case closely and use specific data to formulate targeted options for you.
  • This personalized wraparound service could help you to resolve financial debt to your landlord and stay in your home.

Utilize Our Services

  • EEPPN Advisors use strong mediation techniques partnered with supportive advisory services to help you resolve your situation quickly.
  • Advisors will direct you to resource options that are specifically targeted to your unique situation or execute on your behalf if necessary to ensure the best optimal outcome.
  • You will be given a sustainability advisory after your case has been formulated so that you and your family have the best chance of eliminating the challenges that are leading to housing instability in the long term.
  • These services can make all the difference when you or your family are facing eviction.

Positive Resolution & Sustainable Housing

  • EEPPN Advisors have a substantial record of using positive relationships with community partners and extensive knowledge of resources to obtain, retain, and sustain permanent housing.
Know About

Our Mission

Deliver Eviction Prevention advisory, giving the client a better chance to avoid eviction or eliminate the challenge that is causing the housing instability.

Provide Strong Mediation between tenant, landlord, court system and resources strengthening communication resulting in less litigation.

Pre-Qualify for resources that can eliminate the threat of homelessness.

Give Crisis Relocation advisory for those who are unhoused, in unsafe situations, or in need of relocation to avoid homelessness.

Liability and Disclaimer

This program, or any of its affiliates, hold no promise of any benefits to any individual at any time. If the advisor feels that they choose to end services for any reason or none at all, that is the right and will henceforth be known as “elective quit”. Program directors/advisors or staff members hold no licensing in the real estate, legal, or medical field, they do not possess any mental health degrees therefore any advisory given or data collected is strictly for formulation purposes.  Options and directives are from a consulting and advisory  position and is at the discretion of the receiver accept and follow or deny.

We’re here to help you maintain sustainable housing.

Questions? Reach out.

One of our experts will respond as soon as they can to any questions you may have.

Phone: (775) 360-6133

Email: intake@eeppn.org

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